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SEO Services Explained

There are many search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that can be used ongoing to improve positioning in the search engine results pages (SERPs). These are the techniques we find get great results for our clients:

Site Quality Analysis

Our Southampton SEO team monitor the technical architecture of your Website to ensure search engines can crawl through it without errors, add the web pages to the search engine index and therefore allow searchers to find your business, product, service and content.

Keyword Research

Choosing the correct keywords to target is one of the most important parts of search engine optimisation. There needs to be a combination of relevance, search volume and choosing keywords that the Website can realistically obtain Page 1 rankings for.

Analytics Analysis

Looking at behaviour on your Website, after a searcher has clicked from the search engine results page, can tell us a lot about their intent and whether there is relevant content to satisfy what they were looking for. The data in your Website analytics software can give us this information and if you don't already have analytics tracking in place, we can set this up.

Content Quality Analysis

One of the biggest Google search results ranking factor changes has been the Google Panda algorithm update. This update affected almost 12 percent of all search results and penalised low quality, thin content and promoted high quality content higher in the search rankings. This showed the importance Google places on high quality content when deciding what web pages to rank higher in search result and we can identify pages that are likely being held back due to this issue, and advice how to improve them

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks (links to you from other Websites) are a huge search engine ranking factor. We can analyse where you currently have active backlinks and where you should be looking to acquire new backlinks from in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Search Ranking Check

Monitoring where your site is ranking for its target keywords is important and the ranking can change depending on the location from where a user is searching or the device they are using. We can monitor national and local rankings, as well as desktop and mobile rankings. On top of this, we can also identify all the variations of keywords your site has picked up search rankings for.

Competitor Analysis

Observing the competition can tell us a lot about what is and is not working for them with their search engine optimisation efforts. We analyse their target keywords, rankings, content and backlinks to see if there are things in common that are working across your competitor set that could be implemented to work well for you too.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation of content to acquire targeted visitors to the Website. As mentioned above, backlinks have a huge impact on search rankings and therefore we also aim to acquire backlinks to the content via outreach to influential bloggers. The type of content that we have found works well are in-depth articles, FAQ and glossary pages, infographics and interactive content. The reason content marketing works better than asking people to link to your home page or product/services pages is that the content is generally more interesting to a wider audience and tends to get shared more.

Monthly SEO Packages and Pricing

The monthly SEO services we recommend differ depending on the business we are working with. To make it easy for you to understand where SEO fits as part of your digital marketing strategy, we have organised our most popular SEO services into packages applicable to the stage you are at with your business.

All our pay monthly SEO services begin with a fixed-price baseline SEO audit. This gives us a baseline for our search engine optimisation efforts and ensures we identify which priority issues to address first. All monthly SEO packages are paid a month in advance with a 12-month minimum commitment.

SEO Audits & Implementation Plans

Our in-depth SEO audits are for businesses that have in-house resource for making technical changes and content changes to the company website. If this sounds like you, then an SEO audit will be the best fit as opposed to ongoing monthly SEO services. You can almost consider this a "DIY SEO" option. Our Southampton SEO consultant will supply you with full documentation of all technical and content issues, how to fix them, and provide support to your web and content teams with implementation of the recommendations for up to two months.

We will create a baseline of your current search engine traffic and rankings, and supply continued keyword ranking data for up to 6 months from the time the audit has started for you to be able to measure the success of our efforts working together. We will raise an invoice when you order your SEO audit. All SEO audits are payable in advance of work commencing.
* Implementation support hours to be used within two months of final report being delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimisation". It is the process of optimising every aspect of your website to help the search engines discover what your website is about and then determine its likely relevancy to a user for the search terms they are searching for.

If you think it is as simple as using a few keywords around your website however, consider this: Google uses over 200 different signals to determine the relevancy of a web page for its search results.

Why is it so important to rank on the first page of Google?

It is important to appear on Page 1 of search results as research from advertising company Chitka (June 2013) shows less than 5% of people who search browse beyond the first page of Google results.

How long before I can see results?

If your website is new or you are not currently ranking well for your preferred search terms, you can expect to see results in approximately 6-12 months. For highly competitive search terms, it is safer to expect to see results in 12-24 months.

With well-established sites that have been around for several years and have many other mentions around the web and links coming in, it can take around 3-6 months to see results for even highly competitive search terms.

There are of course exceptions to this, these are rough guidelines from past results.

Can you guarantee you will get me on to page 1 of Google?

No one can guarantee this with SEO, and if they do you should avoid them as they are making promises they cannot keep. Google is constantly changing the way it ranks websites so what works today may not work in 6 months’ time. That is why it is important to keep on top of updates from Google and make updates to your website based upon those changes.


  • Lee has been a real asset to the Digital Team at the University of Southampton. He has been thorough and meticulous in his approach to solving SEO challenges and has helped us make great steps to get a solid foundation on which to build. Using his personable and organised approach, he has successfully delivered our first joint SEO project across our eight diverse faculties, working closely and collaboratively with a variety of different stakeholders.

    - Sarah Warrington, University of Southampton -
  • Lee is an expert in online marketing and search-engine optimisation and his results for real businesses speaks volumes about his abilities in these areas. I had the privilege of working with Lee and witnessed his ability to acquire in-depth knowledge of the business domain as well as his professional and methodical approach. I am happy to endorse Lee as a trustworthy and professional consultant.

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